'WE'VE ENDURED A REALLY TOUGH PERIOD' | Graham Potter & Wesley Fofana | Chelsea v Leeds PL


Graham Potter and Wesley Fofana share their thoughts after Chelsea's 1-0 Premier League victory against rivals, Leeds United at Stamford Bridge.
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  • Rhys Hawkins
    Rhys Hawkins23 күн бұрын

    Seeing Wesley today made me realize why Leicester have fallen so far this season. What a player

  • Jamm Flint

    Jamm Flint

    22 күн бұрын

    @Unknown Stop what? I am same colour as Wesley

  • Doctor Black

    Doctor Black

    23 күн бұрын

    @Ninja Turtle🐢 what is he then? Yt? Gtfoh

  • james4ddy


    23 күн бұрын

    @Unknown exactly lol

  • Unknown


    23 күн бұрын

    @Jamm Flint 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂bro stop

  • Femi Osusa

    Femi Osusa

    23 күн бұрын

    @Jamm Flint Dont make me post your I.P address. Dare me if you think im playing.

  • CFC 4ever
    CFC 4ever23 күн бұрын

    I'm delighted for Wesley Fofana, a very good performance today. Also Chilli B, I thought he was immense today!!

  • RaftEditz™


    23 күн бұрын

    People say without Reece James we are shocking, well when we have Chilwell he has the exact same work rate and is just as good attacking and defensively

  • The 5'6 GK

    The 5'6 GK

    23 күн бұрын

    Thank you for the positive comment. It is supporters like you Chelsea need throughout these hard times. I appreciate this. ^

  • Matthew Kheyfets

    Matthew Kheyfets

    23 күн бұрын

    @Bodhijit Biswas you mean not injured and have an actual player to play with. You can see how much better he was today than before. Can't wait to have gusto in and RLC honestly isn't bad but not risky in that position.

  • Maximum Potential

    Maximum Potential

    23 күн бұрын

    @Matthew Kheyfets yes. Our defence kept us from getting in the relegation zone.

  • Bodhijit Biswas

    Bodhijit Biswas

    23 күн бұрын

    A fit and in from Ben chilwell is a top 3 LB in the league. He just needs to stay consistent.

  • JayCFC
    JayCFC23 күн бұрын

    Definitely not the best win, but it’s nice to finally earn 3 points. Looking forward to the Dortmund game

  • Rocky Bilboa

    Rocky Bilboa

    21 күн бұрын

    ​@Ayman Z we're just unlucky, I think everything will click against Dortmund

  • Ayman Z

    Ayman Z

    23 күн бұрын

    I'm not we're still struggling to score goals. Hope that can change on Tuesday🙏🏽🔵💙

  • ReaXX Sport
    ReaXX Sport23 күн бұрын

    i was worried for koulibaly before the recent run of games but recently hes shown what he can do and we have a really promising defence for the future, I hope they can learn from Silva

  • Bastian Ogero
    Bastian Ogero23 күн бұрын

    If Fofana remain injury free he is a quality defender

  • With Talal
    With Talal23 күн бұрын

    Nice interview from Wesley Fofana. I just love the guy ❤😂

  • anas ali dakata

    anas ali dakata

    23 күн бұрын

    He's an amazing player!! Best joker guy right now at Cobham😊 He keep reminding me Zuma and Jorgi

  • kikirowy
    kikirowy23 күн бұрын

    Diarra, Petit, Remy, Deschamps, Zouma, Anelka, Giroud, Malouda, Gallas, Leboeuf, Makelele, Desailly, Kante ... We had some great French players in the last 25 years and I think Badiashille and Fofana are going to continue that trend. Both are playing really well and were amazing today 💙💙💪💪

  • pat
    pat23 күн бұрын

    We need more wins and more goals our attack is always the biggest problem year after year week after week

  • Anıl Erden
    Anıl Erden23 күн бұрын

    Finally We won the game Long Live Chelsea!!!!🥰🤗💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💪🙏👍

  • Derek Winter

    Derek Winter

    23 күн бұрын


  • PG
    PG23 күн бұрын

    Felix worst enemy,Crossbar.

  • CommanderRG101


    22 күн бұрын

    We just have to ensure this until Nkunku comes this summer ⏳

  • Fran Ndiga

    Fran Ndiga

    23 күн бұрын

    Should train to miss

  • USM4N


    23 күн бұрын

    Still better than Havertz 👍

    Skandred BLUELIONOFPARIS23 күн бұрын

    The content of our Blues' game hasn't been extraordinary but it's a crucial win mentally and psychologically, because they are convinced now that they can win again...

  • C
    C23 күн бұрын

    Well done everyone! And what a lovely interview and smile from Wesley.

  • Paul Kearney

    Paul Kearney

    23 күн бұрын


    BANGER FM23 күн бұрын

    What a great header was from Wesley. Great to see him back in his form and I wish that same confidence remains in Dortmund game. COYB💙💙

  • Huda
    Huda23 күн бұрын


  • Hazard 🐐🐐
    Hazard 🐐🐐23 күн бұрын

    Wesley is so cool even when the match was end to end and our team was struggling this guy has a big future ahead ❤️❤️

  • Time To Change
    Time To Change23 күн бұрын

    Boy if we can get flying in both of those wingbacks again then we have something special again. getting that back 3 with Fofana Benoit and Kouli looks fine just a bit more control and less panic hence why we miss Thiago. Waiting for the minutes to use Kante again with Enzo.

  • anas ali dakata
    anas ali dakata23 күн бұрын

    The team give us something good today!! I hope to see more energy and big win on Tuesday night💪💙💯

  • Subhrajyoti Roy
    Subhrajyoti Roy23 күн бұрын

    3 points closer to safety, UTC 💙🙌🏼

  • V


    23 күн бұрын

    Poor performance and now we are hoping to stay in premier league ridiculous

  • Elbridge Mckenzie
    Elbridge Mckenzie23 күн бұрын

    The "tough period" isn't over...it will continue under clueless Potter. A win against Leeds hardly means that Potter can manage Chelsea. He still needs to go but I fear that this victory will prolong Potter's stay. Mixed emotions this win is for me😢

  • GrootBaas
    GrootBaas23 күн бұрын

    Remembering he is only 21 is incredible. Badiashile is good defender but got showed up on pace his running almost looks laboured like he is holding back Fofana looked quick. Definitely feel Fofana needs to be a starter as he alough s us to push higher up.

  • Bison Kambaine
    Bison Kambaine23 күн бұрын

    "We've endured a really tough period" this hasn't changed by beating Leeds by a single goal. However, it will prolong our misery.

  • A1Chels
    A1Chels23 күн бұрын

    Huge W today, and Wesley was absolutely fantastic!

    MBAGWU MODESTUS U23 күн бұрын

    The team tried , but that problem of scoring has to be corrected,as they switched formation,they became more deadly and had many chances to score,I must recommend fofana is an awesome player and I hope he remains injury free for as long as possible,the team did their part with a solid display in ball possession and defence,we just look forward to their upcoming CL match,with wonderful expectations and an awesome win in Stamford bridge.

  • Regista
    Regista23 күн бұрын

    Wow, I’ve suddenly discovered how it feels to score and win! Feels fantastic!

  • Pablo's Corner
    Pablo's Corner23 күн бұрын

    Hope this is a turning point am behind you and this team no matter what 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  • off sent
    off sent23 күн бұрын

    We got super Thomas Tuchel He knows exactly what we need Thiago in the back, Timo in attack Chelsea gonna win Champs League

  • Rita O
    Rita O23 күн бұрын

    Aww he's smiling but sir you need to make better use of Chilly. Poor man was asking for the ball alone on the left side multiple times. We owe big part of this win to him. He has this fighter spirit with a memory of A. Cole. Persistence is a virtue to treasure in him. Fofana worked really hard and crowned with a wonderful header!! Gallagher resilience was good to see. We need to pick up the pace and make decisions faster!!

  • Moses Koomson

    Moses Koomson

    23 күн бұрын

    He's so poor infant of goal he needs to gain more confidence on that

  • The Revenger ONE
    The Revenger ONE23 күн бұрын

    Fontana is always smiling and enjoying life. Even when they were stealing his wallet he just stood there smiling at the thief

  • Mokhethi Zephaniah Ramats'abane
    Mokhethi Zephaniah Ramats'abane23 күн бұрын

    The only problem with such wins is: they elongate the reign of this man Harry Potter.

  • Fran Ndiga

    Fran Ndiga

    23 күн бұрын

    I concur

  • VaddyFC
    VaddyFC23 күн бұрын

    Fofana may quite possibly be one of the most likable players at the club after Kante....

  • Hourad M.
    Hourad M.23 күн бұрын

    So happy for Wesley he is the one that his price is fair for his quality

  • tafadzwa william chitima
    tafadzwa william chitima23 күн бұрын

    Hope it's the start of us winning, playing very well creating chances just not scoring 😢come on Chelsea

  • Ahmad Norsyukri Akma
    Ahmad Norsyukri Akma23 күн бұрын

    This win proof to me that fofana is one of the few new signings that has love and passion playing for Chelsea always on camera at training making fans happy 😁

  • kalima Fatty
    kalima Fatty23 күн бұрын

    Hope this coutinue come on Chelsea 🙏

  • Ritam Lahiri
    Ritam Lahiri23 күн бұрын

    I think 3-4-3 formation suits us rather than the 3-3-4 formation. We can utilise our left backs more. Chilwell was absolutely amazing today.

  • Maximum Potential
    Maximum Potential23 күн бұрын

    Ben Chilwell was outstanding today 💙💙💙

  • martin hayward
    martin hayward23 күн бұрын

    Onwards and upwards. Up the blues 💙💙💙💙💙💙🎊💙💙💙💙💙💙

  • Pro 20
    Pro 2022 күн бұрын

    I knew that he would eventually shine

  • Kilabiriza Francis
    Kilabiriza Francis23 күн бұрын

    FoFana is so funny u just see it from his facial expressions

  • FabTBC
    FabTBC23 күн бұрын

    Getting the win is the most important thing 💙👏

  • EL Sannin
    EL Sannin23 күн бұрын

    It's a big pressure managing chelsea & for the players. With most spent in the premier league. Everyone is expecting something big from them. Tough situation

  • Isaac T Anil
    Isaac T Anil23 күн бұрын

    Finally a win✨

  • Aditya Patel
    Aditya Patel23 күн бұрын

    I love the comments tbh.. Positivity.. No agendas.. Come on Chels. Back 3 Solid boss.

  • Notfrom63rd
    Notfrom63rd23 күн бұрын

    At the end we were being dominated though. We looked like a scared team no confidence out there in the final minutes

  • Nasser K

    Nasser K

    23 күн бұрын

    Every team can face that. I-0 with 5 minutes to go, any team.can suffer

  • ian iskandar
    ian iskandar22 күн бұрын

    Lee Parker legend ❤️

  • Wingless Mecha - Blender 3D
    Wingless Mecha - Blender 3D23 күн бұрын

    Potter has to go TODAY!!

  • Fran Ndiga

    Fran Ndiga

    23 күн бұрын

    Bad thing we won today

  • yxngbub


    23 күн бұрын

    Shhhh he's cooking

  • Wildcard Creations - Michael Cox
    Wildcard Creations - Michael Cox23 күн бұрын

    The players have got to be finishing better. Take responsibility guys, stay a few hours after training and get better in this area ASAP

  • Wildcard Creations - Michael Cox

    Wildcard Creations - Michael Cox

    23 күн бұрын

    @J Gaffney when I think of footballers who grew up on the streets playing football all day, this is something which they be burning inside to overcome. This lot seem a bit lost or something

  • J Gaffney

    J Gaffney

    23 күн бұрын

    They are pressing. They do fine in practice. Think of it as trying to do something creative and you get a block. If you fight a block it gets worse.

  • Van
    Van23 күн бұрын


    WOLF & BEAR23 күн бұрын

    Champions of Europe!!! We know what we are!!! 2023 💙🏆✊

  • Mysterious Lights
    Mysterious Lights23 күн бұрын

    It was hard fought win today but Potter needs to improve more.

  • Eyanne
    Eyanne23 күн бұрын

    A win finally will take it whichever way it comes

  • Daniel New
    Daniel New23 күн бұрын

    Smashed it fellas, on to Dortmund now x

  • Em
    Em21 күн бұрын

    What i will say is, maybe we aren't scoring goals YET, but have yall noticed that we create a TONNE of chances, like about 10-15 in recent games. I'm not PotterIn per-se but i do see some interesting football glimpses hee and there I dunno how much of that is down to the manager, as it could just be down the the quality of the players themseves

  • Three legged
    Three legged23 күн бұрын

    We played well today against RealMadrid

  • Jack Ida
    Jack Ida23 күн бұрын

    Come on Chelsea 💙 💪 let's keep on winning coyb💙💙💙💙

  • James Dyson
    James Dyson23 күн бұрын

    We need better finishing, Graham. Watching Havertz, Felix and Sterling throwing chances away is sheer frustration.

  • Modest Clyde

    Modest Clyde

    23 күн бұрын

    Potter pisses me off for not playing Auba hate to see him benched when the striker position receives so many chances.

  • Colin Davis
    Colin Davis23 күн бұрын

    The win is good for the team but it doesn’t change anything. Just look at the substitutions and the in game management. As long as Potter is here Chelsea will be mid table

  • Alhagie Sedia Fofana
    Alhagie Sedia Fofana23 күн бұрын

    Hope miracle works for us and we win the UCL.

  • Fran Ndiga

    Fran Ndiga

    23 күн бұрын

    Dreams are valid but not for us

  • Klaus


    23 күн бұрын

    Bro Wtf, even Bayern or Napoli would beat you up

  • ADFARO 9
    ADFARO 923 күн бұрын

    It was clear that Potter only cared about his tactics without caring about the technique of his players, as a result the attackers became blunt every time they were in front of goal, their shots were rarely on target to produce goals. He needs to emulate Pep who always cares about the technique of his players

  • Villain


    23 күн бұрын

    How is it his fault they can’t shoot loool

  • Duwayne Wright

    Duwayne Wright

    23 күн бұрын

    He needs to go!

  • Bad Wolfe
    Bad Wolfe23 күн бұрын


  • Joêl Akosso
    Joêl Akosso23 күн бұрын

    It took a defender to save Chelsea, a sterile attack, a risky game, no construction, no cohesion despite the millions spent

  • zahir abass
    zahir abass23 күн бұрын

    Wow man felix wow what a magical player

  • RM
    RM23 күн бұрын

    I never doubted w fofana only the injury is the problem

  • LBHD
    LBHD23 күн бұрын

    Wesly proving us wrong .

    SATHYA R K23 күн бұрын

    Had havertz and felix converted their chances 😭

  • Fran Ndiga

    Fran Ndiga

    23 күн бұрын

    But they didn't

  • Simbarashe Chitapi

    Simbarashe Chitapi

    23 күн бұрын

    Cut Havertz some slack. Give credit to the Leeds keeper for a fine save. Selling Havertz is like firing Tuchel. Stupid decision!



    23 күн бұрын

    @Kiisi Felix u gotta finish such easy chances even when not in ur position

  • Kiisi Felix

    Kiisi Felix

    23 күн бұрын

    No body should blame havertz He is not in his position

  • Kevin Francisco

    Kevin Francisco

    23 күн бұрын

    Felix was unlucky with the crossbar today. Havert did nothing to start as a striker. He clearly is not a striker and that's one of the reason why we have struggled recently. We have Aubameyang and Fofana as strikers, why they don't play?

  • Scott Mountcastle
    Scott Mountcastle23 күн бұрын

    A much needed win but he needs to go. Felt like the flatest home win weve ever had.

  • Mind
    Mind23 күн бұрын

    As if this period ended here...

  • Patryk
    Patryk23 күн бұрын

    Bare minimum W, important but lets keep it rolling

  • -DCS34-
    -DCS34-23 күн бұрын

    It's a good starter.👏

  • Kyle Butler
    Kyle Butler23 күн бұрын

    A Tuchel style win. We can play good football next season, let’s just get these wins for now 🙏

  • Sina!
    Sina!23 күн бұрын

    When we are 1-0 up at home and he does those subs I just want to bang my head to the wall. No Mudryk no Aubameyang but instead takes out Sterling and Felix and brings two players to become more defensive inviting Leeds to attack us. How Havertz evert game plays 90 min with no goal contribution in the position that he doesn't like is just beyond me! This coach is a real coward with absolutely 0 ambition. My prediction was our loss or 1-1, he just has bought a bit of time for himself but with this way of playing we will get nowhere with him. Interesting enough that he went back to Tuchel's formation playing Chilwell higher up the pitch which I would say was our best player with a lot of runs and crosses yet he does this when his a*** was on the line and not all the previous games where he buries Chilwell and James in the backline.

  • Roy Magaisa

    Roy Magaisa

    23 күн бұрын

    Please go and watch Potter's Brighton and then come back here with your formation talk.

  • pat


    23 күн бұрын

    Exactly potter still needs to go the lineup and substitution are always bad

  • Ft_editz


    23 күн бұрын

    I AINT Reading ALLAT

  • צחי כהן
    צחי כהן23 күн бұрын

    Tonight finally the blues plays football and makes win 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧⚽⚽⚽⚽stamford bridge was noisy

  • 💙, Chelsea , FPL,💚,Coach
    💙, Chelsea , FPL,💚,Coach23 күн бұрын

    Come blues 💙💙 CHELSEA

  • Fran Ndiga
    Fran Ndiga23 күн бұрын

    Thanks fofana for the only Chelsea goal this month... well, people atleast one more is coming before end of season

  • Ben V
    Ben V23 күн бұрын

    Our French speakers building that chem! I see it in the training videos as well

  • yellow6153
    yellow615323 күн бұрын

    better, keep it going lets go on a winning run

  • Šerif Lelić
    Šerif Lelić21 күн бұрын

    The 3 at the back formation suits us veeeeery well,should stick to it and gel the players,find out what our best starting 11 actually is ..Mudryk sitting on the bench all the time 🤔💙😕

  • Biki Gurung
    Biki Gurung23 күн бұрын

    wesley interview reminds me of hazard after match win interview.

  • Eduzcris EFTH
    Eduzcris EFTH23 күн бұрын

    Am still unhappy with Kai leading the line when we have Auba

  • dede
    dede23 күн бұрын

    This guy was legit the happiest player in the training videos. Absolutely happy for this goal. COYB

  • Rev Lmao
    Rev Lmao23 күн бұрын

    we easily couldve had wins like these past games. just very unlucky/luck not in our favour at all.

  • Serge Shakhov
    Serge Shakhov23 күн бұрын

    still chelsea weren't able to score in a game, thanks fofana he scored after the corner

  • O A
    O A23 күн бұрын

    build on you blues!

  • JP
    JP23 күн бұрын

    Got a set piece goal. "Attackers" on havertz and Felix cant even score! Only a defender can ffs

  • Transfer Market
    Transfer Market23 күн бұрын

    Keep this system 3-4-3 in tough and important like the one coming in Tuesday, and with weaker teams we can make experiment 4-3-3 etc. Make us proud in Tuesday and send Dortmund were it belongs to farmers league.

  • Toothpick
    Toothpick23 күн бұрын

    Potter still needs to go.

  • san x
    san x22 күн бұрын

    The wall of France and the back winger’s of England may be our best strength this season

  • oluwatoyin kushalu
    oluwatoyin kushalu23 күн бұрын

    And who told you the tough periods are behind us?

  • Charmiel Charway
    Charmiel Charway23 күн бұрын

    I actually enjoyed this match to be honest

  • Paul Kearney
    Paul Kearney23 күн бұрын

    We need a target man, still not scoring in open play. The substitutes were better than the starters..

  • Sk
    Sk23 күн бұрын

    we going nowhere slowly with potter.. reminds me of ole with man united

  • jasraj
    jasraj23 күн бұрын

    if he beats bvb then i will have more confidence in him

  • Seun Ade

    Seun Ade

    23 күн бұрын

    Not worthy. Let him beat Man City, United, Arsenal and win the Champion League.

  • Sakaria sixa
    Sakaria sixa23 күн бұрын

    Regardless of the win , potter still have to go